Baby Crib Mattress Safety Measures

Being presented with a full spectrum of baby crib mattress choices will leave you feeling dazed as to what to choose. Making up your mind as to what to buy at this moment will surely save you a lot of frustrations.

The best thing that you can do for becoming green parent is to purchase Organic Baby Mattress for your baby. All the organic things are made up of materials that are toxin free and chemical free. Non-organic mattresses get so many chemicals from the manufacturing plant itself. You can check it from their smell. Even if, you have to go with non-organic mattress, then make sure that you give it fresh air and sunlight. It may reduce the effect of toxins.

But if you already know what makes up an ideal mattress, you can narrow down your choices significantly and you can better single out the ones that are really beneficial for your baby.

First, we will consider the room of the child. The paint that you use in the room can create some smog, when it meets sunlight. It is therefore advisable that you should use some low VOC paint. Such paints are easily available in market.

Another option is the inner sprung or coil mattresses. These mattresses are usually more expensive than the foam, however, these types of mattresses are more durable. The firmness of the innerspring mattress relies on the total number of coils and the gauge of the wire in the mattress. The lower gauged wire shows that the mattress will be firmer. These mattresses could be dual sided with one side being PVC and the other part composed of cotton. The coils possess a layer of foam over them.

Mattress should fit in tightly without any loose end inside the crib. Gaps between mattress and frame could be disastrous for the well being of the child.

Crib mattress pads are like a covering for your mattress. They are waterproof. They soak whatever falls on them and make sure it doesn’t get absorbed down to the mattress. Thus, they remain dry and your baby’s sleep is not disturbed. Cleaning mattresses can be a big headache since wetting the bed is common and you’ll have to keep washing it again and again. Crib mattress pads make it extremely easy for you. You don’t need to worry about anything whatsoever when it comes to cleaning crib mattress pads.

For quality assurance, you can verify the manufacturer details by checking whether it is a member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. This is like a gold plated assertion that the product has meet the quality and safety standards.

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