Healthcare Reform And Immigration

A green card visa is what you must obtain when you want to come to the United States. This will allow you to work and then eventually to become a permanent citizen. Once you are a permanent citizen you can later apply for citizenship.

A large majority of us are now native born. We might have been a nation of immigrants one hundred years ago when our European ancestors where coming over, but that was a long time ago and most of them were legal.

The remaining players available to coach Frankie Yallop are a collection of journeymen and a few new comers who have yet to show their worth. The Earthquakes are very much in rebuilding mode. The lone star on the team is ex-Rapid’s player Joe Cannon who can win a game for his team. Will Super Joe be a Rapids killer tonight?

Illegal London immigration solicitors. Think of your house (or bedroom) as a country. Do you want strangers coming into your house, or bedroom, without an invitation? Do you want someone coming in who doesn’t know your rules? What if you know that person will break those rules and not be held accountable? That’s what is happening to the U.S. borders. Strangers are coming into the country without permission. They are breaking a law just by crossing the border and remaining in the country without permission (otherwise known as “illegally.”) Our government has one big job, and that is protecting U.S. citizens. If people ask permission to enter the country and learn the laws that govern the United States of America, isn’t that more desirable than having people here without permission?

Though “Take me America” is a complete story with music and lyrics it is still being developed. It’s path towards a professional production is largely unwritten. As a developing musical for Broadway, the writers rely on opportunities like those provided by the York Theatre as a barometer for how the story is developing and what elements still need work. It’s one of the most exciting times to see a musical. It’s certainly a time when the voice of the audience can clearly influence how to develop the piece. It’s also the most economical. The York Theatre Staged reading is free and open to the public. One just needs a reservation by contacting the York Theatre at 212 935-5824 ext 24.

Liking this idea, we should hand out packets to those who are caught here illegally. The packets would include tutorials on the English language along with the appropriate forms to attain citizenship and a little card that says “Please Come Back.” We require our own U.S. prisoners to attend school or work programs while in prison, what’s so different about this? Better yet, we could require that if caught here illegally, they have to go to jail then when they pass the courses for citizenship; we can put them on work programs to earn the money to pay for that citizenship. Now, that’s a plan of beauty.

What happened to our independence? It seems like it was gone in a Flash, or was that just a fleeting image I caught on my I Pad. One thing’s for sure, I need a new App. Something that will show me what to do, how to survive, something that will teach me right from wrong.

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