New Music From 21:03 Evolvedfrom Boys To Men’ In Stores September 6, 2011

This was a true ghetto love anthem that was tough enough to earn the fellas respect on the block, but endearing and sensitive enough to warm the heart of any lady!

Any song sampling Michael Jackson’s timeless classic “Lady In My Life” is bound for classic status, and Hey Lover proved to do just that. Packed with LL’s smooth laid back flow and Boyz II Men’s harmonizing crooning this song will be every Hip-Hop lovers slow jam for years to come.

A breakup is traumatic and sometimes, it doesn’t sink in immediately. You never expected it to happen so your first reaction would be denial and telling yourself that this isn’t real. You find it hard to believe that it’s happened to you so your mind doesn’t accept it and you feel numb.

Metal music, up until this time, had only one sound. The eighties changed all of that. Several catagories grew from the “metal” sound and expanded the music to video and radio. Air play was almost unheard of for a metal group, but the introduction of “glam metal” made such a monumental change in radio that it completely captivated the airways. Metal ballads became all the rage and in perspective, a great compromise for dating couples. Guys were cool for having a “Cinderella” tape in their car and their girlfriends were still able to dark beats while on a date. Bands like “Dokken”, “Whitesnake” and “Poison” were all famous for their ballads and many children were conceived while playing these famous classics.

The Power of Love: Celine Dion: Celine’s powerhouse vocals dominate this track as she sings about the power of love. This song is guaranteed to stir up emotions in any listener.

For a while, the emotions are subsiding and you’re starting to feel better. You’re accepting what has happened and now you think that it’s best to put it in the past. You’re no longer giving in to depression.

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New Music From 21:03 Evolvedfrom Boys To Men’ In Stores September 6, 2011

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